Glass Safety & Care


Leaded stained glass contains lead, it is not harmful to touch. Lead is only harmful if ingested or inhaled. After handling and hanging, it's always good to wash your hands with warm water and soap.


Every finished piece is protected with polish to slow down oxidation. Oxidation is natural and occurs overtime. Do not use any abrasive materials to clean the glass or lead. Do not use water or glass cleaner with ammonia. If you see a white residue starting to form around the lead, use a soft cotton cloth to gently rub off the oxidation. If your glass begins to get dusty, please use the cotton cloth to wipe it off and Q-tips to get in tight spots.

How to Hang

Please DO NOT use suction cups, they are very unreliable and fail. One fall will ruin your new glass. The best method is to use metal hooks that can screw into a wooden window ceil or stud in the ceiling. If you have wooden framework or have blinds in your window, you can also use "S" hooks to hang on a curtain rod (depending on the weight) There are many ways to secure and display stained glass just be sure that it can hold the proper weight.