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Early Bird Panel

Early Bird Panel

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-Approximately 18" Diameter

This beautiful panel featuring a robin holding a worm will be the highlight of any window or room. It’s beautiful colors will be bouncing off the sunlight on any day. Enjoy this artwork in your favorite window and elevate any room by giving it a glimpse of color and nature. This stained glass is perfect for anyone looking to add to their interior decor to bring in a warm and natural atmosphere. Hanging a stained glass sun-catcher or panel is also a great use of any window that may not have the greatest view or if you would like a little more privacy without covering up your window with curtains or blinds and still have sunlight coming in.

Sometimes the simplest design makes the biggest difference when it comes to decor. I love to recreate nature in simple shapes and lines and still get a flowing natural effect. Stained glass is a traditional art of centuries and has changed very little over these many years. Most technical applications are very much the same today and it takes a lot of practice and time. It’s so worth it in the end though.

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